#16 MerciPoesi

Welcome to the 16th edition of the International Poetry Festival Merci Poesi
We plan to hold the festival Merci Poesi online on Saturday 12 September at Litteraturhuset in Gothenburg and at the same time broadcast digitally on Facebook and Youtube Live.
The time is: 15.00-18.00
Merci Poesi is Gothenburg’s international and intercultural poetry festival, which in September 2020 will be held for the 16th year in a row in collaboration with and supported by the City of Gothenburg, the Västra Götaland region, the Cultural Council, Gothenburg City Library, Gothenburg House of Literature, Studiefrämjandet and several other organizations .
Participating poets and artists:
Ingela Strandberg, SWEDEN
Ahmad Mohit, IRAN
Sara M. Aredehali, IRAN
Jörgen Lind, SWEDEN
Peter Nilsson, SWEDEN
Felicia Mulinari, SWEDEN
Granaz Mosavi, AUSTRALIA
Shabnam Azar, ENGLAND
Christer Boberg, SWEDEN
Naima Chahboun, SWEDEN
Khashayar Naderehvandi, SWEDEN
Hamid Rahimi, GERMANY
Mariam Al Attar, IRAQ
Atefe Pakbaznia, IRAN
Javad Atefe, IRAN
Soroosh Ghahramanloo, IRAN
Farshad Haghighi, IRAN
Emil Pernblad, SWEDEN
Marianne Holmboe, SWEDEN
Karolina Vucidolac, SWEDEN
Fariborz Karami, SWEDEN
Karevan Ensemble, SWEDEN
And more …
Enjoy the program in several different languages ​: current poetry, music, dance and performance.
Many thanks,
Project manager
Ali Naderi